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Willowburn Cottage, or simply Tynehead, as it is more commonly known in the Group is a single roomed cottage close to the village of Tynehead in Midlothian. An ex railway cottage the group bought this site in 1984 with no roof or windows. It is located 12 miles South of the Scout Hall, and is surrounded in arable farmland. We use it for all kinds of camps, with no running water or electricity it takes you back to basics however with the brand new floor and double glazing windows it really is looking the best it has for many years. A visit to Tynehead is definitely a pleasant retreat to the basics of life. The exterior work on the other hand is ready to be done again after a few good wet and windy winters, and the plan of getting running water will happen in the next five years we hope. Recently Tynehead has been heavily used by the sections, especially the Scouts as it is an ideal place to run outdoor scoutcraft training. With good day hikes to Crichton and Borthwick castles or up onto Fala Flow a nature reserve, Tynehead is a great base for hiking. The Leaders also use the place for Old Boys camps or just to get away from the hustle of the city for a weekend.


Willowburn Cottage 

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